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What do you want to protect?.






Other Gadgets

How it Works

It takes 5 minutes to protect your item, but it takes only a second for the unexpected to happen.

Choose a Plan

Purchase a plan for your item for as long as you want.

Make Payment

Make payment for your plan. (Evidence of Payment is required, if you paid though your bank.)

Enjoy Peace of mind

Long live your device. Enjoy pease of mind while using your device. issues? call us


Protect your office and home appliances, electronics, phones, computers, and office equipments

Available for any working item regardless of age or purchase date (proof of purchase required).


Spend less, protect more.

Corporate Plan

Exclusively for Organizations


  • Run your business, while we maintain
  • your office equipments, phones,
  • computers, electronics appliances and other office pheriperals
  • with as little as N6,000 monthly.

Family Bundles

Exclusively for Homes


Enjoy professional repairs and monthly maintenance
from the comfort of your home at N4,100 for 5 items
Even better? Our repairs are guaranteed for the life of your phone


When your item breaks, it’s our mission to make your item Pefect again.

Industry Leader

BayodeBestSecure protection plans, first of its kind, designed for today’s consumers.

Satisfied Customers

BayodeBestSecue™ award-winning service has earned tens of thousands of 5-star reviews.

Thousands of Active Policy

BayodeBestSecure™ have over Two Thousand active policies.

Anyone who is looking to stay connected at all times.

BAYODEBESTSECURE,Doing great since incorporation

We believe that being busy shouldn’t have to mean living with a defective item.

That’s why we offer fast, affordable, on-the-spot professional repairs and maintenance.

Enjoy professional repairs at the comfort of your home, office, wherever.

Even better? Our repairs are guaranteed for the life of your phone.

80% Protection for college Students

It can be tough when your smartphone or laptop malfunction, when you need it the most. If you’re a student, especially when you depend on your tech for research. Protect your item at80% offplan cost.

Students with a 2.8 GPA (out of 4.0), or ranked in the top 20% of their class can get free smartphone or laptop protection plans. You’ll need to submit proof of eligibility, including a report card, when applying for the discount. Go to bayodebest.com/student-discount for more information.

All our plans include

Get access to a ton of features out of the box


From cracked screens to broken internal parts we cover the big damage that can come from the smallest falls.


doesn’t matter if it’s one splash, one spill, or full immersion, we’ve got you covered.

Screen Failure/ LCD Burn Out

Your are covered for screen malfunctions that can make your device unusable or if you LCD screen gets dimmer over time, discolored or gets lines through the display.

Antenna/Wi-Fi Failure

If your device can’t get a signal where others on the same network can, there might be a problem with the antenna or in case of Wi-Fi failure, which can take your device off the grid. No worries, you’re covered.

RAM or Memory Failure

We cover internal RAM or Memory chips that, if they fail can drag your smartphone or computer’s speed with them.

Charging Port Failure

If you need to wiggle the power or charging cord, or hold the caple in place to get a charge, it might be the port, not the cable. If so, we have got you covered.

Battery Failure

You’re covered if the original battery won’t hold at least a 50% charge.

Touchscreen Failure

We cover broken touchscreens that won’t respond to touch commands.

All Mechanical/Electrical Failures from Normal Use

We cover you beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, or if the manufacturer denies coverage for normal-use failures.

Do you have

Find out more about BayodeBestSecure Protection Plans.

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

BayodeBestSecure™ protects all devices, appliances, electronics and gadgets, makes and models no matter where or when they were purchased—as long as they are working, in good condition, and you have proof of purchase. If you currently have device insurance through other agencies, you can easily switch to BayodeBestSecure™ (and save up to 50%) no matter what type of device you have.
No matter how careful we are with our itens, research shows that 1 in 3 devices die or get damaged. Accidents happen! And if you don’t have protection, a broken device can cost you up to N100,000 to replace. Ouch.

It’s not a good value for our customers. You’re 10 times more likely to break your phone than lose it or have it stolen, and plans that include loss and theft coverage can cost twice as much as plans that don’t. Plus, Apple and Google have free apps like “Find My iPhone” that help you find your phone when you lose it. So why pay twice as much for coverage you don’t need?

1 in every 3 phones will break this year. + Over 50 million smartphones break per year. + The average repair cost is N20,000. + If your phone can’t be repaired, purchasing a new phone can be really expensive— up to N100,000 for new premium devices.

Definitely Yes,
Your plan will be transferable to cover your new item (your old item will no longer be protected

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You can request a certified tech when you need one.